Saturday, January 14, 2012

Glorious Garlic

Many things in life are paradoxical. Garlic happens to be one. Cooked - it is soft, sweet, mild, readily dissolved yet substantial in flavor. Raw - it is biting, sharp, off-putting, basically unpalatable. But oh, what magical powers it bestows in its unadulterated form.

The ancients knew of it's medicinal effect and used it to heal wounds - preventing them from going septic. Today we can rub a bit on an insect bite to eliminate the sting, use it to reduce the inflammation of a blemish, rub it on a cut or scratch to prevent infection or treat an existing infection. Swallowing it whole, at the first sign of your body's imbalance, can prevent the common cold.

I'm not saying anything knew - those who read my tweets have heard it a thousand times. But it always bears repeating.  All praise to Glorious Garlic.


  1. Darn! Wish I'd read this on Friday before it turned out my runny nose wasn't allergies but the beginning of a cold. Next time, I'll know.

  2. Oh, hell! Eat a clove or two once a week and you'll never get sick!!!! :D I actually like a clove of garlic mashed with olive oil and salt to eat with cold steak - almost like a horseradish sauce. Delicious AND preventive. Feel better!