Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baked BananaMash Bars

A couple of days ago I experimented making a cookie bar with the very few materials I had on hand.  It wasn't bad (according to my strange taste) especially after it had settled into the pan overnight.

So today I'm giving it another go:

This time I've mashed 2 ripe bananas into a cup or so of granola mix; added a more generous amount of maple syrup and about 1 TBS of unsweetened cocoa; and mixed it all together with a bit of H2O.  Am baking it in a prepared pan at 375℉ for about 35 minutes till the edges have pulled away and are golden brown. Smells quite lovely too!

Amazing what you can do without flour or eggs or milk ~ Now that's a lovely Baked BananaMash Bar, if I say so, myself.

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