Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mac' & Cheese to the Rescue!

What to do with that leftover bowl of naked pasta sitting in the fridge? Well, here's an option. In 10 minutes or less you can have a hearty bowl of Macaroni & Cheese. Just doctor this recipe to suit your taste.

Saute 1 onion in olive oil in a pan large enough to hold the pasta as well.
Add cooked pasta to the sauteed onion, stir and season to taste.
When pasta is warmed through, sprinkle diced or shredded cheese over the top.
Cover and cook till cheese is melted through and browning a bit in the pan. 

That's it! Simple, no? No milk, no flour, no baking! Also a great way to limit the cheese intake. A little flavor goes a long way. 

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