Thursday, October 28, 2010

For The Love Of Coffee Grounds

If you're a fellow home-brewed coffee drinker, you might want to think twice before washing those coffee grounds down the drain.

They actually make a terrific body-scrub in the shower - exfoliant AND moisturizer (due to the natural oils of the bean). Cosmetic companies are now looking for ways to incorporate the sun-screening properties of the coffee bean into facial creams. (The problem is that the "creams" themselves have proven to be carcinogenic.) Coffee grounds rubbed directly into the skin of your face, etc. will give you the unadulterated benefits which the cosmetic companies are trying to bottle and then charge you for.

Massaged into your thighs, the remaining caffeine (still in the grounds) helps to stimulate fat absorption. Fashion models use this method to reduce any visible cellulite before photo shoots.

Once you've rubbed the grounds into your skin in the shower, be sure to rinse well, but without soap, in order to leave the natural oils on your skin.

If not used immediately, it's best to keep the coffee grounds in an open container in the fridge for no more than four days. They will mould if left too long.

Last but not least, coffee grounds make a terrific addition to any compost or soil rejuvenation project you might have going on. They give a particular boost to plants that appreciate a more acid ph soil, such as azaleas, LAURELS, and rhododendron (no wonder I love them!)

Word of caution: Coffee grounds are POISONOUS to both dogs and cats - so be careful how you dispense with them.


  1. love it! I am going to use my every day grounds....

  2. I use it at least once a week - sometimes more. My skin is in good shape and I haven't had a sunburn in more than 5 years! :D

  3. Thanks for the tip. I consider it a good day if I've learned something new.

  4. Thank you, Di, for visiting my blog and leaving a comment ^_^.