Friday, November 19, 2010

A Fresh Food 'Fast'

If you've been contemplating doing a "raw food diet", you might want to think twice. I found the soaking, draining, and sprouting of seeds, grains, and beans to be an awful lot of work. It was also difficult for me to get adequate protein, as I don't eat cheese or soy.

That said, raw fresh food is highly nutritious and worth making the effort to include in our diets in large measure. One way I do it is to treat myself to "a fresh food fast". I shop ahead for the fruits and vegetables I like best. Then, on a quiet day when I plan to be mostly at home, I limit myself to nothing but those raw fresh foods. I stay far away from the stove, oven, and microwave, as well as all sugar, alcohol, bread, caffeine, and any cooked leftovers that may happen to be in the fridge.

Throughout the day, I'll eat - in small amounts - pieces of fruit, some raw pumpkin seeds and almonds, a tomato/cucumber salad or perhaps some guacamole spread on red pepper 'boats' or the sturdy leaves of a Romaine lettuce. I stick to drinking water with fresh lemon and juiced vegetables mixed with fruits (no bottled juices). The point, however, is to eat only as little as your body actually needs; hence the term 'fast'.

It's a simple way to give the body a rest from some of the more stressing foods we normally consume. The post-Thanksgiving weekend isn't a bad time to try this 'fast' - Sunday, perhaps, ….once most of the leftovers are gone :D


  1. I love raw food, even though like you it's not enough protein for me. The hardest time of year is when the apples aren't so great. But I think, left to my own devices, I would do very very little cooking for myself and just a lot of "as-is" food!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Meg. Definitely 'with you' regarding the apples. Nothing comes close to them!