Sunday, November 21, 2010

A 'Virtual' Medicine Cabinet

As I've mentioned before, the medicine cabinet in our bathroom is just about empty. However, the items that would 'virtually' constitute its contents are, for the most part, found in my kitchen :D

1)  Honey - Makes a revitalizing 10-minute facial.

2)  Honey & Egg Whites - Can be used as a healing balm on serious burns. Helps to prevent scarring.

3)  Egg Yolks - Two of them mixed with a tsp. of cider vinegar make a great conditioning/shampoo. Apply to dry hair and allow to sit under a plastic cap for 10-20 minutes. Rinse in cool water.

4)  Lemon - Squeezed into a glass of water is an excellent stomach alkalizer.

5)  Baking Soda - Is another good alkalizer. Stops indigestion discomfort almost immediately and counters the effects of over-caffeinization. Also used in cleansing hair and scalp and to remove splinters.

6)  Garlic - Effective antibiotic that will ward off the common cold if taken raw at the first sign of a scratchy throat. Also helps to thin the blood and to lower blood pressure.*

7)  Thyme - Brewed as a tea with a spot of honey or made into a broth with sliced onions will help relieve respiratory congestion and coughing.

8)  Chamomile - A truly relaxing tea. Also makes a soothing eye-wash for tired eyes or any minor infection.

9)  Rosemary - Brewed as a tea, it makes an excellent hair and scalp tonic. Said to stimulate hair growth.

10) Aloe Vera - The best all-around healer/protector both inside and out (just don't mix up the respective potions!)

*CAUTION: These remedies are effective by themselves, when taken by a generally healthy person, but may interact negatively with any prescribed medications.


  1. …of course, I left out coffee grounds and granny smiths, but I know you know where to find them :D