Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Granny Smith To The Rescue!

As the weather turns colder and the winds begin to chafe us, the delicate skin of our hands, shins or face may need a remedy.  And an all-natural one can be found in a pretty surprising source.  It is the protective power of the natural properties found in the inner peel of a green apple.

A pragmatist, I like to have my (remedy) and eat it too.  So here is what I do:

I peel a Granny Smith apple and core it for breakfast.  Before enjoying the refreshing fruit, I apply the inside of its skin directly to my face, neck, hands, shins – whatever!  Mind you, not just any sort of apple will do.  I’ve tried it with others, and nothing comes close to the seeling coat of pectin (I think) that the Grannies give. The sweeter apple skins oxidize too fast. The Granny skins will actually last unoxidized in the fridge for a few hours.  I think that difference has something to do with their lower sugar content.

There is a Swiss cosmetic company charging more than $120 for an oz. or two of a green apple anti-aging/wrinkle removing gel.  I prefer to treat myself to a healthy snack and receive ALL its nutrients directly.


  1. so....not only good for Tart Tatin! also for wrinkles....good to learn.

  2. …you have no wrinkles :) but they do help to soothe and smooth dry skin.