Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soothing, Healing Aloe - Alone On The Shelf

I suppose I'm not the only one who's collected bottles and tubes and jars of exotic and miraculous wonders in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Aloe Vera gel, however, is a staple that's now made our previous collection almost obsolete. 

What other single substance can quell the pain of a burn (sun or otherwise!), the itch of a mosquito bite, the inflammation of a blemish or a small abrasion? Aloe is also an excellent natural sunscreen (when you remember to apply it before the burn…). It calms the frizzies on those "bad hair days". It's a far superior lubricant to shaving cream. And, lo and behold, it works quite well as a deodorant.

Of course, if you like all those bottles and tubes and jars in the medicine chest, the aloe vera gel will fit in nicely among the rest….  But once we discovered this treasure, it was "out with" the calamine lotion, the clearasil, the hair lotion, shaving cream, and even the lovely deodorant stick!  Voila! An almost empty shelf!

If you tend aloe vera plants, their medicine is pure and unadulterated - but I have a difficult time actually pinching a piece of the wondrous creature for anything less than an emergency.


  1. And aloe vera juice is good for the digestive tract. I try to drink a little of the naturally sweetened (as opposed to corn syrup) drink everyday. It's pulpy, like orange juice. They sell it at our local World Market. It's very popular in Asia.

    Wow, my medicine cabinet could end up with a few simple things--olive oil, aloe vera and baking soda.

  2. You know… aloe vera juice is something I haven't even tried, though I've heard great things about it, including the fact that it helps heal ulcers. Thanks so much for your comment!